The New Instagram Stories Feature and What It Means For Your Brand
by Eliza Fisher | August 2, 2016 | Customer Engagement, Instagram, Social Media, Social Media Marketing | 2 comments

Instagram just announced the launch of Instagram Stories, a new format of photo and video sharing in which content disappears after 24 hours. Does this sound familiar? Well, it should, given that this feature bears a lot of resemblance to Snapchat--the trailblazer in disappearing content--and its Story function. Even The New York Times is noting the similarities, and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom Read more...

Snapchat Patent: Serving Ads Based on Object Recognition
by Eliza Fisher | July 20, 2016 | Social Media, Social Media Marketing, User Generated Content | 0 comments

Details have emerged about a Snapchat patent that would serve users sponsored filters, advertisements, and coupons based on the photos and videos they take. While the patent was first filed in January of 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark office released the documentation last week. The Snapchat patent application offers the example of a user taking a picture of the Empire Read more...

360-Degree Video a Win for Barbour, Despite Missteps
by Eliza Fisher | July 5, 2016 | Customer Engagement, Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Barbour, the luxury outerwear and fashion brand, is the latest of a growing group of high-end apparel companies to use social media and video technology to democratize the runway. It’s well-known that traditional fashion shows are populated by elite industry insiders and VIPs, but more and more consumers have gotten to experience them thanks to video streaming and social media Read more...

Sephora Launches Shoppable Snapchat Campaign
by Prasad Dhamdhere | June 7, 2016 | Social Commerce, Social Media, Social Media Marketing | 7 comments

Sephora just announced a shoppable Snapchat campaign, although their choice of the ephemeral medium has baffled many. While a massive portion of the population uses it, aesthetically, Snapchat isn’t even close to Instagram. It isn’t as shareable as Facebook, and tracking followers and other metrics is much more challenging than it is on Twitter. To make the matter worse, Snapchat does not allow Read more…

Getting Your Customers to Actually Refer Their Friends
by Giovana Zanellato | May 26, 2016 | Best Practices, Refer a Friend, Sharing and Referrals, Social Media Marketing | 2 comments

Every one of your existing customers has the potential to share your brand with their friends and family and refer an endless number of new customers to your business. But even though these new potential customers are just one social network away, getting people to actually refer their friends can be a real challenge. You may be asking yourself, “So how can I get customers to actually refer my brand to their friends?” Don’t worry, we have figured out the best way to create a successful referral program and we are going to share all of our findings with you. For now, let’s just focus on incentives and on how to best promote your program.