Why US Brands Should Follow China as a Social Commerce Example
by Erin Duff | January 13, 2015 | Customer Engagement, Customer Loyalty, eCommerce, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing | 1 comments

In China, middle class consumers regularly use social media to share consumption experiences. The numbers are staggering, and not simply because of China’s population of 1.3 billion people. The country has 618 million internet users, but 625 million active social media users (thanks to mobile use by 1.24 billion Chinese). You’ve probably heard of China’s two big social media platforms, Read more…

4 ways to Increase Product Discovery through Social Context
by Erin Duff | July 17, 2014 | Social Commerce | 0 comments

If your brand is well known and loved by your customers, then you have the toughest part out of the way, but how can you retain those valuable fans and double down? Use actionable context and customer attributes to help shoppers discover the products that are the most relevant to them. There are many sources from which context about your Read more…

Making a good First Impression with User Generated Content
by Erin Duff | July 15, 2014 | Ratings and Reviews, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Visual Commerce | 1 comments

We all know that first impressions matter, whether it’s a conference, a new client dinner or a first date. Does your site make a good first impression? Make your site the one that catches your customers’ eyes by calling upon and showcasing your existing community of fans. This can give your site an immediate impression of activity, like seeing a Read more…

Groupon’s doing it, you could too: 5 use cases for Flash Sales
by Erin Duff | July 10, 2014 | Social Commerce | 0 comments

The idea of a Groupon-style Flash Sale may turn many brand conscious marketers off, but a well orchestrated Flash Sale can be perfectly onbrand as it provides significant objective benefits. Consider the use cases below for Flash Sales and see how something like it can function as a flexible, powerful tool.

3 Perks of Peer Referrals
by Erin Duff | July 8, 2014 | Referral Marketing, Social Commerce | 1 comments

Paid advertising, pagerank, and peer referrals arguably have the largest impact on site and in store traffic. However, unlike other methods, traffic from peer referrals come with three attributes that make them more valuable than the rest. These act as an online word of mouth phenomenon, quickly driving high quality traffic on site.