5 Refer a Friend Marketing Myths, Debunked
by Prasad Dhamdhere | July 8, 2016 | Refer a Friend, Referral Marketing, Sharing and Referrals | 0 comments

One of the gravest drawbacks of the internet is it has an incredible power to inform you as well as misinform you. No one and nothing, from celebrities to e-commerce tech, is immune from rumors. The fierce competition today in retail means that it’s vital to clear the air of misconceptions about refer a friend marketing. Referrals are an extremely valuable Read more...

Getting Your Customers to Actually Refer Their Friends
by Giovana Zanellato | May 26, 2016 | Best Practices, Refer a Friend, Sharing and Referrals, Social Media Marketing | 3 comments

Every one of your existing customers has the potential to share your brand with their friends and family and refer an endless number of new customers to your business. But even though these new potential customers are just one social network away, getting people to actually refer their friends can be a real challenge. You may be asking yourself, “So how can I get customers to actually refer my brand to their friends?” Don’t worry, we have figured out the best way to create a successful referral program and we are going to share all of our findings with you. For now, let’s just focus on incentives and on how to best promote your program.

38 Referral Marketing Statistics that Will Make You Want to Start a RAF Program Tomorrow
by Giovana Zanellato | March 3, 2016 | Refer a Friend, Referral Marketing, Sharing and Referrals | 50 comments

If you’re not yet leveraging the power of word of mouth marketing, here are some referral marketing statistics that will change your mind and make you want to implement a Refer a Friend program tomorrow. “One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”  – Jim Rohn Referral Program is a bigger deal than some companies may Read more...

The Top 12 Ways Companies Gave Back to Customers in 2015

The holidays are a time to give back and reflect on what went right (um, and wrong) this year. During this convivial time, we’d like to take a minute to appreciate the ways in which companies gave back to customers via brand advocacy and customer loyalty this year.  The reward of doing so isn’t just the warm feeling you get Read more…

Fashion! Turn to the Left: eCommerce Enhancements for Apparel
by Eliza Fisher | December 16, 2015 | Customer Loyalty, eCommerce, Ratings and Reviews, Sharing and Referrals, Visual Commerce | 1 comments

What is fashion? We aren’t about to indulge in pages of philosophizing or link to the David Bowie song, so for our purposes we’ll say it’s… Visual Seasonal Dependent on fit and context Highly socially influenced While there’s so much more we could add to this list, these four simple descriptions will take us a long way towards developing an Read more…