Walmart Delivery Options Grow with Uber and Lyft
by Prasad Dhamdhere | June 13, 2016 | eCommerce | 1 comments

The Walmart delivery landscape just got a big makeover. Let’s take a look at how and why… Walmart is struggling. 2015 marked its first yearly decline in revenue since it became a public company in 1970. It has also seen continuous 7 to 8 quarters of flat growth. Furthermore, in the same year, Walmart announced the closure of 269 underperforming Read more…

Product Page Visuals: The Art of Merchandising
by Prasad Dhamdhere | May 2, 2016 | eCommerce, Visual Commerce, Visual Galleries | 0 comments

Due to the extensive visual nature of the internet, the look of a project page has become tantamount to the offering of the product itself. Now, like old good days, people don’t just “hear” about your product, but they can actually see your product in all possible angles before the actual buying. Thus, product page visuals have become an indispensable Read more…

User Photos Best Practices: Are You Using These 4 Strategies to Get Visual Commerce Content from Your Customers?

Whether they’re selfies, #OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures, or tantalizing shots of brunch dishes, images from Instagram and other social media platforms are much more effective in inspiring and enticing consumers than traditional stock or catalog photos. At this point, the question isn’t whether or not to utilize user generated pictures; rather, it’s about how to best solicit, find, acquire, moderate, curate, and display these images.

Shoppable Instagram Solutions Are a Necessity
by Giovana Zanellato | April 25, 2016 | eCommerce, Instagram, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Visual Commerce, Visual Galleries | 2 comments

Shoppable Instagram accounts are a necessity for e-commerce businesses nowadays. It is no news that mobile commerce has been getting some traction in the past few years, but recent numbers have shown that this trend may be stronger than we thought. Mobile commerce currently accounts for 35% of ecommerce sales and it’s expected to account for 49%, or $252 billion Read more…

The Top eCommerce Sites of 2015
by Eliza Fisher | | eCommerce | 0 comments

Internet Retailer recently announced its list of top ecommerce sites. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 4 out of its 5 highest-ranked performers do extremely well with younger crowds. How did the team at Internet Retailer come to their decisions? A simple look at the following criteria clearly indicates that they gave importance to processes, media which various retailers are using, and of course, Read more…

The Omni-Channel Tussle Between Sam’s Club and Costco
by Prasad Dhamdhere | April 21, 2016 | eCommerce | 0 comments

For business enthusiasts, one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of business is how rivals try to outdo each other. Discounts, offers, better services, enhanced online presence and ease of purchase process…they leave no stone unturned in getting that slight edge over competitors for which every business strives. All these factors apply to two of the biggest giants of Read more…