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Is it a coincidence that Instagram’s 15 second video length is the same as the standard TV commercial time? I think not.

A little over a month ago the Facebook owned photo sharing platform Instagram, evolved by adding video into the mix giving other sharing apps like Vine a run for their money. It’s been debated whether or not Instagram video would be influential in the world of marketing, but we’re starting to see a change in how brands are utilizing video to expand social brand reach. Major brands like NikeLululemon, and Callaway Golf have all jumped on the trend by utilizing the given 15 seconds making inspired videos.

photo (1)Instagram Statistics:

  • 130 million users.
  • Utilized by 67% of top brands.
  • 5 million Instagram videos were shared within the first 24 hours of release.
  • At its peak on the first night of release, more than 40 hours of footage was uploaded per minute.

Marketers hesitant to incorporate video into their social media marketing strategy should reconsider based on the fact that 67% of top brands currently use Instagram. On top of that, that there are now over 130 million users on Instagram just waiting to be influenced by the video feature which can now be embedded into articles and blog posts.

ReStockIt has a particularly creative strategy when it comes to Instagram video. I know what you’re thinking, as a leading online retailer of office supplies, what video content could they possibly contribute that would be in the least bit engaging? Despite possible doubts, this month the online retailer started producing a humorous fictional series called “Revenge of the Interns,” proving that they know a thing or two about engaging with an audience. saboskirt

Another online retailer taking advantage of the video feature is Sabo Skirt. The clothing retailer has been utilizing the opportunity by creating fashion forward videos featuring new products and even demonstrating the process of product design. Needless to say, with over 850,000 followers on Instagram the company is having no problem drawing attention.

Explain new product features, release upcoming products, or give your audience a behind the scenes look at what your company is up too. Brands now have the ability to make short, influential mini commercials with the potential to be seen by millions at virtually no cost. In this case, shorter is better. Instagram’s video length limit allows your content to act as the beginning of a conversation with your audience, rather than the end.

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