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Optimizing Pinterest for E-Commerce Companies

As an avid user of the Pinterest, I’ve decided to give my perspective from both the business and the consumer standpoint because, as we all know, Pinterest is growing in popularity and a very beneficial platform for selling products online.  I realized that I go to the site for 3 reasons: #1. to kill time because I’m bored, #2. because I’m looking for something, and/or #3. because someone or something prompted me to go there.

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#Problems: What I’ve found with my user experience when I stumble upon a product or I’m looking for a specific item on Pinterest and decide I want to buy it, it’s either not for sale or the company is no longer selling it and has nothing else I want to buy!  Dead links are an extremely frustrating aspect of Pinterest.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that when I see a banner across a picture listing the price there is a bittersweet reaction.  On one hand I’m excited that it’s available for purchase, but on the other hand it feels like I’m being peddled to with cheap marketing tactics. Not only that but it can definitely lower my perceived value of the product. I suggest, instead of a banner, maybe a small icon or something that serves the purpose of being a “for-sale” notification without the “on-clearance” feel. After researching opinions on this topic I found the following:

#HowTheyShouldFixIt: 48% of the most popular pins are linked to non-existent pages! That’s plain irresponsible. What I would suggest to Pinterest would be to:

(a) Redirect your user to a product page if they click on a pin, but give them a heads up if you’re going to redirect to another page like a homepage.  I’ve had this happen to me before and then I go browsing the site looking for the product I came for, hence wasting my time and fueling frustration.

(b) If the product is no longer being sold online, redirect them to an “out of stock” page that gives them options to follow the product for when it is in stock or to like/share the product or to view products they may also like.

(c) My favorite option, take advantage of the click in any way possible, like gate your page or even give your users the ability to opt into a reminder of that product so you can take full advantage of when a consumer actually asks to be marketed to.

By: Linze Peters

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