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Twitter Tools for Brands
by Social Commerce Guru | December 21, 2011 | Twitter | 1 comments

Social Networking site Twitter is one of the most commonly used sites by marketers and brands to market their product. There are already lots of books on how to use Twitter as a Marketing tool and various other blogs dedicated to the same purpose. With Twitter no more a site for teens and youngsters it is very important to choose the right set of tools for Twitter marketing. Twitter tools can be very helpful for marketers for promoting offers, discounts and deals, and for replying to customer queries and complaints. We list down a few tools that we think can help you with your Twitter usage.

  • Twitter Search: Twitter search as the name says allows you to search for keywords, brand names to see what they are tweeting about. It is a good toll for you to understand what the market feels about your product or maybe products similar to you and what the customer needs are. Twitter search also enables you to search people with similar interests.
  • HootSuite: HootSuite is a great Twitter and social media management tool which allows you to create different  columns, so you can view multiple tweets from your account or multiple feeds from different social networking accounts. HootSuite also allows you to create a message and choose which social accounts you want the message to be automatically posted to.
  • Tweetburner: Tweetburner will allow you to track how many clicks each of the URL’s in your tweets are getting. This will allow you to see your most successful tweets so you can use them again & allow you to discard tweets which do not convert to clicks.
  • Tweetlater: Tweetlater allows you to tweet all day and night and you can also create tweets for future use. It also creates auto messages for people who follow you. It leaves personal messages like “Thanks for following us…” and so on. This will add a personal touch to your account, without having to do it yourself.
  • EasyTweets: Easy Tweets is a paid low priced Twitter tool which allows to automatically post RSS feed content and track RSS traffic in Google Analytics. That way, you can easily track traffic from Twitter and understand what users do when they get to your site. EasyTweets also allows you to set up and send SMS or email alerts when people mention your brand.
  • TweetDeck: TweetDeck is a free desktop browser helps you keep track of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace activities from multiple accounts. Like the above tools mentioned here, you can update your accounts send Direct messages and reply to messages.

These are just a few Twitter management tools that I have mentioned here there are more like  Seesmic, Splitweet and others. So go ahead and pick yours and start using them.

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