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Social Media, how it helps the Food industry
by Social Commerce Guru | December 2, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Times have changed drastically and so has the consumer psychology towards buying products online. Products like clothes, electronic items, music, movies and artworks even holiday packages have got a virtual makeover, courtesy Social Media. So the advent of food industry into social media wouldn’t be a surprise. Obviously it’s impossible to eat a sandwich or burger virtually but ordering and discussing about food online is definitely achievable. New launches or dish of the day can be updated to the users, instantly taking this whole food experience to a larger social level.

Development of sales and building brand name using social networking web sites is seen with most of the Food companies now-a-days. Earlier the only ways of influencing people about your product would be through advertisements in between sitcoms or in magazines and newspapers, but now it is made simpler, just by writing a blog, or updating news about the company and the offers they provide on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter.

Apart the company’s marketing strategy of updating news about them and their products on social networks even welcoming customer’s feedback, their likes and dislikes should be given special care. When customers share their experiences of your food they actually in other ways popularize your brand and share it with a larger audience. Hence it becomes important to maintain quality and gain your customers trust, so that they recommend your brand among their friends both online and offline. The view available about a certain brand online serves as a main factor of building or breaking down the brand reputation.

Here we can have a glance at a few food companies that we follow on Twitter. Looking at their ever expanding followers gives a fair idea about how social interaction builds in reputation and brand power.

@Crumbs Cake shop has a whooping 15,514 followers on Twitter and 63,188 likes on Facebook giving us a clear picture that keeping up with the customer views in very important.

>@Green mtn coffee is followed by 16,355 people and companies on Twitter, updating people about their new flavors and asking for feedback helps in making their customer base stronger.

>@Domino’s Pizza has 36,325 people who like it on Facebook and 116,825 followers on Twitter which explains its popularity among people and advertising through social media has played an active role in it.

>@Subway, with 226,627 followers on Twitter and 8,784,996 likes on Facebook give details about the popularity of the brand and even its ever growing fan base on social networks creating in more awareness.

A whole new level of transparency is provided by social media to the food industry which is a good thing as users get a wider picture of the quality of services provided by different brands and the brands on the other hand continue with building in sales and reputation.

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